Creative influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram

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But who the hell is Serge ?

Serge had the idea of the century!
and we love so much his idea.
So we decided to give him a hand ... And for Serge, we saw things big!

Let's discover this fabulous story

crush isn't ...

... a media agency, nor an influencer catalog or marketplace, and neither a creative studio that would have decided to specialize in the short and squared format.

That's much better...

we are

an influencer marketing agency based in France, specialized in tailor-made communication operations in collaboration with influencers on Instagram... (and Twitch!)

crush n'est pas
influence et attractivité des influenceurs.

Just because Image is the heart of brand strategies, we bet on the attractiveness of digital influencers on Instagram, but also Twitch!

Our goal :

To make them live a unique and privileged experience with brands and to give birth to the real big crush, between brands and influencers communities.


Influencers speak up through a stylish brand content to desserve real influencer marketing. #BrandContent

High level pictures and a very committed communities,
these experienced actors-consumers will be your best prescriptors. #UserGeneratedContent

qualité, popularité et légitimité du contenu des influenceurs sur Instagram
Au royaume de crush le contenu est ROI

At Crush kingdom
content is ROI

The content… we make big deal out of it!

Photos, videos, dedicated website, blog …
We create a dedicated editorial strategy which fits your brand state of mind.

Our team cooks each digital operation to make each story unique and exclusive :
Detailed storytelling, affirmed style, adjusted tone.

Okay but, what's the point?

To make your brand popular,
to increase your visibility,
to target a new audience,
to build and to develop your image,
to support the launch of a new product or a service,
to go on international …


faire parler de vous

The love story method

A method, a team, and an influencers network

Do you want to download the crush method ?

YES! I do!
méthode crush pour assurer un coup de coeur influenceur sur Instagram

CRUSH is not only an Influencer Marketing Agency!

What else ?

CRUSH is a complete digital marketing agency that supports you from defining your brand strategy to designing your content.

What else ?

CRUSH is a complete digital marketing agency that supports you from defining your brand strategy to designing your content.

So, don't you want to meet the big crush?

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